Royal Suite Mattress


Experience a level of sleep you never imagined possible, on our specially crafted Royal Suite Mattress.

The unique combination of two exceptional support systems, pocket springs and Mind Foam, provide perfectly engineered comfort for hours of deep, uninterrupted rest.

Manufactured by Matermoll, an Italian company with a 50-year reputation for quality craftsmanship and main bedding supplier to Royal Caribbean International.

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Outstanding features

  • Pocket-Spring system for stability and firmness
  • Mind Foam layer for extra cushioning and softness
  • Built-in Euro Pillow Top, crafted from water-repellent, machine-washable Koala fabric featuring a subtle sateen finish
  • Euro Pillow Top easy to remove, with zip-in, zip-out system
  • Teflon treated fabric to resist stains
  • 20 Year certificate of warranty
  • Imported. Made in Italy
Weight 200 lbs
Mattress size

Cali King — 72" x 84", King Size — 76" x 80", Queen Size — 60" x 80", Full Size — 53" x 75", Twin — 38" x 75"


No set, Box-spring set

  1. Nat

    I’ve had this mattress for over a year now, and it’s everything I expected. After trying a few mattresses (natural latex, Serta iComfort and Temperpedic (soft), I found them all too firm and couldn’t sleep well on any of them (a nightmare actually, caused lots of back and joint pain, etc., the last 2 were returned). I then decided to get this one. since I had slept well on this mattress on a RC cruise years ago and never forgot that. I delayed making this purchase because it wasn’t practical for me to go try the mattresses out, and I didn’t know what to expect, but at this point I felt like I’d tried some of the best out there, I was tired of researching mattresses and reading reviews, and I was desperate to sleep. So I had to go just on my memory and hope for the best, knowing I could swap it out if it didn’t work for me.

    In my experience, the service and delivery were excellent, and the quality beautiful, well thought-out… I love the zip out quilted memory foam topper that gives you the ability to change it out if you ever need to, that’s really rare these days. This model (used to be called the “Dreamy”) is what I’d call a medium firm, it is very supportive with some give. You can roll over and not sink in, yet it doesn’t feel like a board. My limbs don’t fall asleep, but I do. It’s the first bed I’ve been able to sleep comfortably in, in years, and it feels like it’s going to last awhile. I have a short memory foam topper on it for preference since I always use one, but I tried it without, and the support for the entire body and back was very balanced.

    I will stick with this line of mattresses due to the quality. Many brands cave and sink after a year, which is not acceptable for the client or the environment. After having researched the company I decided I’d rather invest in a company that puts out quality — than some of the others that maybe used to put out a quality mattresses, but now they fall short.

    To sum up, I was beyond impressed with the craftsmanship of Matermoll and was glad to find some time ago that they are available in the US through RCBC. I’m glad I took a chance, as this mattress became my Goldilocks “just right” mattress and solved a longtime sleep problem for me.

  2. JW

    Thank you so much for you and your team’s excellent customer service! We are so happy we decided to select Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection for our new mattress. We are getting the most comfortable sleep on our new bed. Our cruise in February was wonderful and influenced us to research the bedding in our suite. From the customer service on the ship to the customer service your team provided, top notch! We look forward to planning our next cruise on Royal Caribbean.

  3. Neil

    Why are there no reviews? Has nobody bought these? Would love to see some reviews before I purchase.

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