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Our signature mattress promises sleepers the same ultra-restful nights of their cruise vacation, thanks to the superior support of elastic bonnet springs and added comfort of our Royal Pillow Top.

Manufactured by Matermoll, an Italian company with a 50-year reputation for quality craftsmanship and main bedding supplier to Royal Caribbean International.

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  • No set
  • Box-spring set

Outstanding features

  • High resistance bonnel stainless steel spring system for superior comfort and support
  • Royal Pillow Top included, from water-repellent, machine-washable Koala fabric featuring a subtle sateen finish
  • Royal Pillow Top’s 4 elasticized corner bands ensure precision fit
  • Teflon treated fabric to resist stains
  • 4 air circulation vents for reduced allergens
  • 4 side handles provide easier maneuverability
  • Can be flipped for use on both sides
  • 20 Year certificate of warranty
  • Imported. Made in Italy
Weight 100 lbs
Mattress size

CA King Size – 72" x 84", King Size — 76" x 80", Queen Size — 60" x 80", Full Size — 53" x 75", Twin — 38" x 75"


No set, Box-spring set

  1. Daniel G

    I was concerned if there would be a quality issue because of the cheap price! Love this matress so much I plan on purchasing them for each bed! The quality is so much better than I ever expected! Normally I would have had to bought a memory foam top to go over so it would give enough cushion to feel like you sink but not with this mattress!

  2. Danielle Atwater

    Been using this bed for a little over two months now and I have to say I love it and so does my boyfriend. Super comfortable and I have herniated disks and sciatica so that is a rarity for me to find something to sleep on where I’m not in pain 24/7. It did take a few weeks to adjust to but that’s pretty normal with a new bed

  3. Linda Weiner

    I got this mattress because I was shocked at the in store (localy in NYC) prices for a hybrid mattress. Online was better but figured at this price I could try it and see how it goes for a few years. Overall the feel is very comfortable and medium firmness

  4. Dena Miller

    The mattress is quite comfortable for guests. It is firmer in the middle but not hard. It would say it is a more medium firmness, the edges of the bed do sink some if sitting on the side of the bed. For our purposes as a guest bed it provided a comfortable nights sleep.

  5. Katya N

    This is truly a great mattress, I’m really enjoying it. It is perfect height and softness and even better price. Feels like I’m on vacation, 100% worth it!

  6. Renee John

    The bed isn’t bad. I just wish it was a bit more plush

  7. Herbert L.

    Quality-made in Italy = sleeping soundly!

  8. Tim S.

    Excellent customer service – thank you!

  9. Julie G.

    I love sleep on this mattress and wake up very well-rested

  10. Sofia Rosa

    Great mattress!

  11. J.R.

    After reading some of the reviews I decided to give this mattress a try because I vaguely remember sleeping on this mattress over 3 years ago on freedom of the seas, and luckily after the first night I knew I made the right choice and I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  12. Olga S.


  13. Maria Garcia

    Great service!

  14. Michael Greenberg

    Well priced, delivery was on time

  15. John Deuch

    I bought this mattress because I could not get over how well I slept on my last cruise Allure of the Sea. We sailed for 2 weeks and I remember waking up well rested each night. So I bought a King size with box spring and couldn’t be happier.

  16. Tonya S.

    It’s a bed, comfortable enough but probably a little overpriced. It puts me to sleep, although I suspect many other beds would.

  17. Joan S.

    Omg best sleep I’ve had in years! I am a nurse and have always had trouble sleeping. Now I feel the feeling that the Royal suite mattress is soft but still firm. The pillow top pad it comes with is also really comfortable. Recommended!

  18. Julia L

    I like not feeling my husband get in and out of bed. No motion transfer, wow! Little did I know, though, that sometimes the mattress would get me warmer than I’d hoped.

  19. Larry

    I spent a little more than I planned to but I feel happy with my decision.

  20. Pearl O.

    A great sleep and my hips feel much better. Thinking about getting one for the guest room, because quality-price is really excellent.

  21. Lisa V.

    I have to thank some dear friends who had been on a Royal Caribbean cruise and had a great sleep. I took their advice and now … I am sleeping like a log! My body feels great when I wake up

  22. Mark P.

    I am quite satisfied, even if to be honest I would have preferred it to be a little softer.

  23. Ethan T.

    My dad turned 65 this year and we bought him the Royal Mattress to help him sleep better. He loves the new bed and he is getting much better sleep.

  24. Melissa Frias

    I recently purchased the Royal Mattress and can not say enough good things about it! First of all my sleep has drastically improved and I wake with less pain in my back…after years of waking up every couple of hours because my mattress was not providing the proper support. And, as an added bonus I also received a free sheet set!

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