Royal Memory Pillow Top


Experience the exclusive memory technology of the Royal Memory Pillow Top, designed to contour to your body, relieve pressure points, and distribute body heat for a more comfortable, rejuvenating sleep. Extra softness and a plush feel mean you’ll enjoy the deepest, most restful nights ever.

Manufactured by Matermoll, an Italian company with a 50-year reputation for quality craftsmanship and main bedding supplier to Royal Caribbean International.

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Outstanding features

  • Quilted, lock-stitched pattern keeps fill evenly distributed with no bunching
  • Crafted from Koala machine-washable fabric and treated with Teflon fiber for added protection against stains
  • Plush memory padding contours to sleeper
  • Fits mattresses up to 12″ thick
  • 6 holding bands ensure a precise and compact fit on your mattress
  • 4 elasticized corner bands fit mattresses up to 12″ deep
  • Machine wash and dry for easy cleaning
  • Imported. Made in Italy
Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 12 in
Mattress size

King Size — 76" x 80", Queen Size — 60" x 80"

  1. Kyle W

    This topper made a big difference in the mattress. Mattress only 4 years old but beginning to have wore areas. With topper soft comfort. Doesn’t make you hot at night. Great purchase.

  2. Samantha M

    I should’ve bought this years ago!!! Just got this as a Christmas gift and let me just say last night was some of the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time. Me and my fiancé both are so happy with this. I would say the only con is now my two-year-old does not want to be in his own bed LOL

  3. Alina C

    It’s much thinner but still pretty comfortable

  4. Sheila Ariss

    I got this for my daughter and she is so happy with it. She said she got the best night sleep and that it was like sleeping on a cloud.She also said it was easy to get on the matress and made the appearance of the bed look better.

  5. Liz K

    This mattress topper is amazing! It’s very comfortable and yet provides the back support needed to help alleviate my back pain. I was so impressed that I ordered one for my son who does not have back pain. I just wanted him to be MORE comfortable. My son loves his mattress topper.

  6. Carolina L

    Topper is a nice complement to our mattress. Gives us a comfortable night sleep. It’s also cool and doesn’t retain body heat

  7. Vinny

    It gives new meaning to rest & comfort. That fresh tussles that comes every evening is something special to look forward too. It gives new meaning to rest & comfort.

  8. Kristin

    This pillow topper is 10/10. You need it in your life! It’s just that good.

  9. Tammy

    This is the best purchase I have made in years! Now the bed is just the right thickness and softness.

  10. Beverly Barteau

    It’s been 2 months sleeping on the Royal Memory Pillow Top and it’s better than anything I have slept on in my 50 years! I have changed beds every 2-4 years because of discomfort and was planning on making another bed change after my 2 years. But now I know this is THE best Pillow Top and it’s worth every fiber!!!

  11. Beverly Barteau

    I love this memory pillow top, it’s very comfortable and since having it, my lower back doesn’t hurt in the mornings anymore. I look forward to my afternoon naps and sleeping at nights. It’s almost pointless getting up early as I know I will nap in the afternoon. Love love this pillow top. I
    am planning on buying another king for my rental unit.

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