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The world renowned comfort experienced on Royal Caribbean cruise ships is available for your personal enjoyment at home.

The sleep-enhancing comfort from our mattresses and pillows, the luxurious indulgence of our crisp bed linens, and the clean absorbance of our lush bath linens…all designed and manufactured in Italy, exclusively for Royal Caribbean International.


Made in Italy, made for you

Enjoy Italian design, manufacturing, and attention to detail from your mattress to your bath mat. Our Royal Caribbean Bedding Collection promises to recreate a relaxation sanctuary for your sleeping and post-bathing pleasure in the privacy of your own home.


I recently purchased the Royal Mattress and can not say enough good things about it! First of all my sleep has drastically improved and I wake with less pain in my back…after years of waking up every couple of hours because my mattress was not providing the proper support. And, as an added bonus I also received a free sheet set!

Melissa Frias

If there was a stronger word for soft I would use it to describe the feeling of these sheets! Love, love, love.

Angie Nicholson

Funny enough one of the many great memories I have from my family cruise was the TOWELS. They were delicious and I was so happy to learn that they were available for purchase. I enjoyed them so much I bought the sets and gave them as Christmas gifts! Now I have my eye on the matching bathrobe.

Nancy DoCanto
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